Bespoke Luxury

Atelier Stefani creates meticulously handcrafted products of meaning that stand for individual style, comfort and quality. We turn tradition into modern art of the craft. Unrivalled skills bring the spirit of bespoke and innovation to life in every pair.

For lovers, innovators, thinkers, collectors, change makers, individualists and those
who are too gentle to live among wolves.

Feel the Experience

Customisation is the highest expression of luxury. You deserve to feel special.

Fashion is a form of art and art is an outlet to express your personality, your emotions and the values you stand for. Wearing a pair of handcrafted shoes that is made only for you goes far beyond the purpose itself.

I really appreciate the craftsmanship and feel honoured to have my own custom design called The Bloom.

Orlando Bloom (Hollywood)

What a spot! Feeling like a kid in a candy store. I asked for a modern take on a cowboy boot and they fit like a glove. Thank you Atelier Stefani!

Jamie Blakey (OneTeaspoon)

These shoes fit perfectly! They are timeless and unique and really make a difference. Along the way I always felt in good hands – the process of sharing ideas was very professional and fun at the same time.

Christian Schonert (Berlin)

Turns out my feet have slightly different sizes, which is why most shoes never quite feel right, but these ones are perfect. The colour is incredible, it goes with everything. I am definitely going to buy another pair.

Tom Pigott (Sydney)

These shoes are everything I imagined and wanted!

Stella Di Lillo (Montreal)

I just finished my first fitting and I am sure I won’t need a second one. The shoes felt so comfortable, it was hard to believe they were not even done yet! I'm already loving the look and getting excited to see the finished product. I have to say I didn’t have a vision for what I wanted, so I had a conversation with Steffi and she did the rest. This is her vision and she nailed it, literally.

Carla Céspedes (Sydney)

I can barely breathe!!! These boots are killer! I loooove!

Carl Louisville (L.A.)

Atelier Stefani is absolutely amazing! The passion that goes into every pair is just inspiring. My boots brought back the comfort that I haven't felt in so long. There's nothing like wearing shoes made for your own feet. What a feeling!

Camila Torres (Sydney)

Products with the most sentimental value! I'm ready for Pitti Uomo 2019 in Florence with my loafers, a suede tie, a messenger bag and a card holder.

Shaun Birley (Brisbane)

I really have a new found appreciation for the craft and I would recommend Atelier Stefani to anyone looking to invest in a pair that they plan on having for a lifetime.

Nathan Garnham (Sydney)

Shoemaking - The Art of the Craft

With attention to detail and in a process involving over 120 steps, we turn naturally sourced materials into unique pieces of art, making each customer‘s imagination a reality.

The art of shoemaking
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