We Turn Tradition
Into Modern Craftsmanship.
Handcrafted Shoes Made In Sydney.

Atelier Stefani creates high-end footwear that stands for style, comfort & quality. Unrivalled skills bring the spirit of bespoke and innovation to life in every pair.

For individualists, innovators, thinkers, makers and those who are too gentle to live among wolves.


100+ H

With attention to detail and in a process involving over 120 steps, we turn naturally sourced materials into unique pieces of art, making each customer‘s imagination a reality.


Custom Shoes Made For You

Customisation is the ultimate expression of luxury. We will find the perfect style that matches your needs while delivering comfort, durability and class.


Our Collection

Designed and handcrafted in Sydney. Leave an imprint of your personality with your pair of Atelier Stefanis and take them on your journey through life.


Fall/Winter 2019

Choose well. Chase the truth. We’re here to make a difference.

Be an ambassador of the good.

Change happens by watching your own thoughts.

Trends 2020 & Covid-19

2975 2444 Stefanie

To you beautiful people across the world: Here in my home office at Atelier Stefani (aka my bed, see above), I took a little break to reflect on what’s happening…

The CHANGE Collection

1200 800 Stefanie

Fashion is an ever-changing industry. Everything is moving. If we move even faster, we call it fast fashion. We hear this term so many times. Fast Fashion. But what does…

124 x Atelier Stefani – SEASON LAUNCH

1125 750 Stefanie

Atelier Stefani is thrilled to announce a new partnership with 124. These two Australian founded luxury brands embody a synergy of traditional craftsmanship and authentic style, striving to offer the…

A Letter From Our Founder

1200 800 Stefanie

Hi, my name is Stefanie and I’m the founder of Atelier Stefani. Why I started this business? Well, where do I begin? Fashion for me has always been something more…

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