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Atelier Stefani Gift Card

For someone you love.

Thank you for being you. There is no one like you. I love you.

How can you possibly say all of this in one gift? The ones you love are special and completely unique. Give them an experience that is as distinctive as them. This is a gift of unmatched expression, luxury, personality, creativity and adoration. Let's spoil them, making them feel as special and loved as you want them to. In the end they’ll receive a luxury product of meaning that stands not only for their character but your love for them and some unforgettable memories.

Recommended amounts:
  • Average price of accessories: $500
  • Average price of shoes in our range: $2,000
  • Average price of made to measure shoes in our range: $2,500
  • Custom designs start at: $4,500 (depending on style)
  • 10 day shoemaking course start at: $3,000 (depending on style)
  • You can print your voucher at home or you can pick up a hard copy in our store in Sydney at no surcharge.
  • National express shipping within Australia: $10
  • International express shipping worldwide outside Australia: $40

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