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The Balvenie for Women


Our collaboration with The Balvenie celebrates ultimate craftsmanship and brings to life the skill, heart and storytelling that goes into each creation. It is a piece of art that stands for a true testament to both our crafts.

By diving deep into the traditional art of shoemaking and creating a bridge between the old and new, we see a unique world emerge with The Balvenie Boot, made by heart and crafted with character.

Through this collaboration, we bring to life boots that are inspired by the characteristics and history of The Balvenie as well as the people that form its culture. The result is a synthesis of sculpture and design, celebrating the value of art and fashion and focusing on our rare craft with a modern edge. This design was created with attention to detail, including several leather engravings, such as a barley stalk hidden on the inner shoe and a quote from a poem written by Robbie Gormley, who was The Balvenie’s malt man for over 45 years. “We’ve heard you tell stories about us two” leaves room for the wearer’s interpretation and refers to something that The Balvenie as well as Atelier Stefani appreciate very much – creating experiences and memories that are worth to remember. Old beloved shoes tell their very own story, just like whisky that reminds of good times you spent surrounded by friends in a relaxed environment, unwinding and enjoying the moment. 

Each pair of this limited edition has its unique number embossed in the sole and is handcrafted individually by the Atelier Stefani artisans in Italy. Please allow a production time of 12 weeks. 


We make our shoes last as long as possible by choosing the finest Italian leathers on offer – inside and out and even in between.

Upper: A soft burgundy bison leather with a fine grain, passionate red calf with a flash of fish leather that shows on one side of the pair, sourced specially as a rare material from Canada. This detail represents The Balvenie’s love for anything adventurous. If the brand was a person, you would find them outdoors, fishing in the Spey River just down from the distillery. All materials were made with eco-sustainable value where consumption is optimized and waste is controlled.
Lining: Italian calf
Insole, sole, heel counters & toe puffs: vegetable tanned leather
Heel: stacked leather + rubber top


A master piece takes time, especially if it is made by hand. 80 hours go into this pair.

Heel: 4.5cm, double nailed from the in- and outside, hand engraved details
Sole: first two layers are blake welted, the third layer is nailed
Welt: double layered, braided frame

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