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Dikenga for Men




This piece was designed for Unknown Union's Rosetta chapter, using some of the symbolism created to transmit knowledge, construct cultural bridges and enlarge our horizons. The Dikenga is one such symbol which carries deep meaning. 'These four points of demarcation are very important for Kongo people. The circle that is made by the sun's apparent movement is the first geometrical picture given to human beings. We move the way the sun moves. We wake up, we stand up, we become active as leaders in this world, and die and eventually come back. Dying is not an end. The horizon line is the line between the physical and spiritual world. It literally means 'the line of God that cannot be measured.' To stand on the cosmogram is to tie a social knot, bringing people together. It shows the sign of the cross was known to the Kongo before the arrival of Europeans and corresponds to the understanding in their mind of their relationship to their world.'

This design is a limited edition of 50 pairs. All boots are made to order by our artisans in Italy. Please allow a making time of 4-6 weeks from purchase date until delivery.


We make our shoes last as long as possible by choosing the finest and most sustainable Italian leathers on offer – inside, out and even in between.

Upper: vegetable tanned cowhide with highly textured grain
Lining: Italian calf
Insole, sole, heel counters & toe puffs: vegetable tanned leather
Heel: stacked leather + rubber top

All materials were made with eco-sustainable value where consumption is optimised and waste is controlled.


A master piece takes time, especially if it is made by hand. 85 hours go into this pair.

Heel: 4.5cm, double nailed from the in- and outside, laser engraved details
Sole: triple layered front sole; first two layers are blake welted, the third is nailed
Welt: double layered, braided frame

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