You are the conductor of your own music,
the creator of your memories,
the landscaper of your environment,
the fighter in your everyday struggles,
the writer of your love stories.

Which direction you take is completely up to you.


All footwear by Atelier Stefani
Jewellery by Parts of 4
Lingerie by Vohco
Location: Sydney
Venue: Soho on Crown

Mikuri Murakami
Zuzana Gálová
Cynthia Karaoglan
Julian Marchetto
Joshua Fergus
Pete Mill

Direction: Stefanie Schoeninger
Photographer: Camila Torres
Styling: Pricila Civatti
Production Management: Charlotte Penel
Makeup: Karina Prebble, Veronica Zoio
Production Assistance: Ophélie Mazet
Photo Assistance: Guadalupe Barrera Goncalves

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