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Heel Cuffs


Make your Atelier Stefani shoes as personal and unique as possible and add our heel cuffs to your design. Our collaboration partner NeverNever Designs creates jewellery that is heavily inspired by natures elements and the beauty that originates within it. Each unique piece created by hand has their focus looking to embrace the raw imperfections of the natural world. 

Atelier Stefani and NeverNever Designs share the same values and see individuality through self expression. Our collaboration was born to create high quality jewellery for our shoes that people can wear for a lifetime.

These heel cuffs can be turned into beautiful arm jewellery if you should decide to wear them in a different way one day.


100% 925 Sterling Silver


Need a custom size or colour? No problem, just send us a message with your preference. Price on request depending on material usage. 

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