Your Atelier Stefani shoes are a luxury product and they need special care to preserve their exceptional character. The appearance and comfort of your shoes are the result of their design, in the best traditions and artisan techniques.


By following some simple gestures, you can enjoy greater comfort and preserve their beauty:


Product care introduction:

  • If you have just received your new pair of Atelier Stefanis, walk them in for a few days and allow the leather to soften up. You will see it will mould to the shape of your foot for maximum comfort and fit.
  • For all of our products, it is important to keep them clean, dry, out of direct sunlight and in their care bags when not in use. Protect your shoes from any chemical or greasy substances.
  • If you are caught in heavy rain, dry your shoes by placing them on their sides, away from any source of heat.
  • To allow the leather fibers to breathe, do not wear your shoes more than three days in a row.
  • It is important to always keep the original proof of purchase in the event you believe you have an issue with your shoes.
  • For more information please contact us directly on and we will be very happy to assist you.
  • Please note that Atelier Stefani has made these recommendations simply as a courtesy to those wishing to care for or repair our products and customers who follow these guidelines are solely responsible for the result, excluding Atelier Stefani from any responsibility.

How to store:

  • Always store your Atelier Stefani shoes in their care bag placed inside the box out of direct sunlight, humidity, dust or heat. You can also stuff your shoes with tissue paper before storing.

How to maintain the shape:

  • It is only natural for the shape of the shoe to change over time. Not only will your Atelier Stefani shoes mould to the shape of your own foot but they may stretch further with extensive wear. As leather is indeed a skin, after extensive wear it may begin to wrinkle.
  • A simple method for prolonging the suppleness of the leather is to stuff your shoes with tissue paper or insert shoe trees after being worn.
  • To avoid damaging the back of the shoe when putting them on, use a shoe horn. Also be careful to untie the shoelaces, if there are any, to open the shoe and avoid damaging it when putting it on.

How to clean your shoes:

  • Regular care will ensure a long life for your shoes. Before cleaning and polishing, we recommend that you remove any dust with a soft brush. Appy a nourishing shoe cream using a soft brush or cotton cloth, massaging it in slowly. Let it set for 10 minutes, then remove the excess cream with a brush. If you wish your shoes to shine, apply a high quality polish the same way you used the nourishing cream.

How to keep the soles in good condition:

  • The soles of your Atelier Stefani shoes are made of a smooth and delicate leather and will therefore naturally wear down with extensive wear. This is not a manufacturing defect, it is a natural process and part of the normal wear of the shoes.
  • To protect the leather sole, Atelier Stefani attaches a non-slippery rubber top to it. Make sure to replace that rubber top as soon as it is worn down.
  • In case the leather sole gets damaged, it can be replaced as well. Both can be done at your local cobblers or return to Atelier Stefani in Sydney.

How to look after the heel tips and tops:

  • With extensive wear the heel tips or heel tops (of bigger heels) will naturally deteriorate. It is recommended that these are changed before the inner heel begins to show. This is important as having an unstable heel can lead to balancing issues and effect the shape of the entire shoe.

Tips for calf and nappa leather:

  • As with all skins, leather will wrinkle and soften with age.
  • Light colours especially need to be kept out of contact from water and other liquids.
  • To maintain the shape of your shoes, you can stuff the shoes with tissue paper or use shoe trees when not in use. This will help maintain the supple and smooth nature of the leather.
  • A neutral leather conditioner can be used to maintain the softness of the leather however ensure this is spot tested and thoroughly dry before use.
  • When not in use, it is important to ensure leather shoes are dry and well ventilated before storing in their care bags.

Tips for suede:

  • Suede often has subtle colour variations due to the rub of the leather. Excess exposure to water or other liquids may result in staining so we recommend using a protective spray however ensure to spot test this first on an inconspicuous area of the leather.
  • If you find a small build up of dirt, suede can be cleaned with a soft leather cleaning brush however ensure this is not overly abrasive to the leather.
  • When not in use, keep your shoes clean, dry and in their care bags.
  • If you believe your suede shoes need further cleaning, please consult a professional leather cleaner or expert.


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