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Custom Shoes

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Customisation is the highest expression of luxury.
You deserve to feel special.

The Custom Process:

1. Design Consultation:

 > Book your personal appointment online or in person to discuss your needs, get your feet measured and receive one-on-one style advice. We want to get to know you to be able to create unique custom designs for you that are inspired by your story and personality.

2. Design Creation:

Give us 2 weeks to send you 2-3 design sketches. You can decide if any of these designs go in the right direction or if they need editing. Choose your materials, colours, personalisation like embossings or laser engravings, hardware or other shoe jewellery. The options are limitless but we make sure we'll give you valued advice.

3. Shoemaking:

From last & pattern making, leather cutting, stitching of your uppers to building, forming and lasting your shoes; the process takes between 10-12 weeks from start to finish. Follow us on social media to be part of the making journey and stay up to date, so you always know where your shoes are at. You're more than welcome to share this exciting experience with your friends, too.

4. Fitting:

We want to ensure the perfect fit of your made-to-measure-shoes, so a fitting is necessary before we attach the sole. That is the last stage in the process when changes can still be made. If you'd like to do this fitting via video chat we can send the half finished shoes to you or you can visit us in our studio and do it in person.

5. Finishing:

Once we receive the shoes back we attach the welt, the sole and the heel, stitch the outsole to the insole, ink the edges and give your shoes the finishing touch. The most exciting part of the whole journey is the moment when you can try your finished custom shoes for the first time. We would love to be part of this moment, so please share some videos or photos with us, if we can't be there in person.


Price: Custom shoes start at $4,500. Depending on the materials and the complexity of the design this price can vary; e.g. there is a surcharge on exotic leathers or diamonds due to the cost price. To book in your first design consultation we ask for a deposit of $200 and design sketching is priced at $300. Both amounts would be deducted from your shoe price if you decide to go ahead. Once we created your perfect style and you're ready to start the making we ask for a deposit of 50% of the remaining price and the balance would be due on completion. We also offer part payments vial Afterpay and Zip Pay.

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