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The CHANGE Collection

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Fashion is an ever-changing industry. Everything is moving. If we move even faster, we call it fast fashion. We hear this term so many times. Fast Fashion. But what does it actually mean?

With a growing population, globalisation and modern technology our society has developed into a direction where simplifying processes is a necessity to meet everybody’s demand. At the same time the amount of supplied goods and the variety to choose from can be overwhelming. Wherever we go, wherever we look we get bombarded by advertising. Every brand wants to stand out, be loud, be eye-catching to battle the crowd and be seen. Especially in the creative industry, where fashion, music and art are based on subjective opinions, we need to move fast to go with people’s ever-changing taste. The outcome is to consume much in a short period of time to then let go and start again. We are a throwaway society. The waste is immense, the quality is poor, and at times the love for creation can be overlooked.

However, there is a movement happening. A revolution in the fashion industry where we are taking a step back, going away from mass production and heading in a more positive direction led by the ones that think forward.

Nowadays it is a luxury to choose well and wisely, make and create things that last, go against our obsession with speed, reconnect with our values and reduce consumption.

Luxury goods add value to our lives – from a subjective perspective. People have always liked to reward themselves with a luxury holiday, an expensive piece of jewellery or a new sports car, recognising the hard work or well-deserved breaks we all need. However luxury is now so much more than what we see on the surface. Buying from local manufacturers that guarantee a safe environment for their employees, a fair wage and attention to the basic conditions that all workers experience is now at the forefront. We are at an age where we don’t just look at what we are consuming, but how did these products get created and end up at our fingertips.

When I started making shoes, I became obsessed with the thought of creating something that makes a difference against all odds. Pursuing the craft is one side; making art that inspires and expresses the individual values that we all share is the other side.

CHANGE by Atelier Stefani stands for the movement back to tradition with a modern twist, for the counteract of fast fashion and the idea of making this cover of the body your own in any way you want.

We believers are for a positive change that can happen. Time to start thinking differently, it is time to demand better. We want fashion to become a force for good. We believe in fashion that values people, the environment and creativity. It is time to shift our perceptions and shine a light on our unique personalities and cherish the individuals we are.

It is a loud, crowded, crazy world. Change happens by watching your own thoughts.