Custom Shoes Made For You

Custom Shoes
Made For You


Customisation is the ultimate expression of luxury.
We desire to inspire our customers to return to Atelier Stefani with a refreshing perspective on bespoke shoes and the story
these shoes should tell.
Our core value is to create a unique experience that stands for meaningfulness, individuality, the love for art and sustainability. We will find the perfect style that matches your needs for any occasion while delivering comfort, durability and class.
Live via video chat or via email (see options below).
Price for custom shoes: starting at $2,000 AUD
Please allow a production time of 6-8 weeks.


During Covid-19 our Sydney studio remains closed
to the public until further notice.
We’re still here for you via live video chat and we’ll lead you through the process of measuring your feet and discuss custom style,
personalised details and materials.
Please book your personal appointment here:

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If you prefer to order your custom shoes via email, we ask you to follow the >>instructions on how to measure your feet at home and >>post us your footprints. We advise you to describe yourself in a short message (gender, clothing style, favourite colours, etc.), let us know what style of shoe you would like to get and potentially attach a photo or illustration of them and/or of the outfit you would like to wear with them. The more information we have the quicker and better the results. If you are not sure about your design, yet, Stefanie will create one that meets your requirements. You will be given a quote based on the style, measurements and materials.

If you are in need of a custom size, we will post the half finished shoe for a fitting to you to ensure the right size and comfort. At that stage we will have built a last based on your measurements and will have pulled over the upper leather. The sole has not been attached, yet and changes can still be made.

For online orders we lead you through the fitting process via video chat once the shoes have arrived at yours.

After the final touch your shoes will be ready for delivery.

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