Custom Shoes Made For You

Custom Shoes
Made For You


Customisation is the ultimate expression of luxury. Whether it is a pair of wedding shoes to suit your dress on that special day or a pair of men‘s business shoes to get you through the corporate world. We will find the perfect style that matches your needs while delivering comfort, durability and class.

Price: from 2,000 AUD
Make time: 6-8 weeks

If you live in Sydney, we recommend to book a personal appointment in our Sydney studio to get your feet measured and to discuss style and materials. If you would like to order custom shoes online, we ask you to follow the instructions on how to measure your feet at home and send us the scan. We advise you to attach a photo or illustration of the shoes you would like made and/or of the outfit you would like to wear with them. If you are not sure about your design, yet, we will create one that meets your requirements. You will be given a quote based on a combination of the style, measurements and materials.

If you wish to proceed with an order you will be required to make a 50% deposit of the price. The final payment of the balance will have to be paid on completion.

A second appointment will be necessary for a fitting to ensure the right size and comfort of your shoes. At that stage we will have built a last based on your measurements and will have pulled over the upper leather. The sole has not been attached, yet and changes can still be made.

For online orders we post the unfinished shoes to you and lead you through the fitting process on Skype.

After the final touch your shoes will be ready for pickup or delivery.

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