Bespoke Luxury Shoes

These shoes are made for you.

All our shoes are meticulously handcrafted. But what does ‘handcrafted‘ actually mean?
Which steps are involved? How many hours of work go into a single pair?

Find out more about the process.


Every Atelier Stefani design begins with an idea inspired by our customers. Whether it is…

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The perfect fit!

The making process begins with ensuring the perfect fit. At first we take detailed measurements…

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Pattern making

This step is one of the most difficult ones as we transfer a 2D design…

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Making of the upper

Once the pattern is perfected, the artisan cuts out the shapes from the selected leather…

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The leather takes on the form of the shoe last once we pull it over…

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Bringing all parts together

Before we attach the randing, sole and heel, we make sure the shoe has the…

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Shaping the heel, sanding the edges, stitching and painting the sole are the last steps…

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