For someone you love.

Thank you for being you. There is no one like you.

I love you.

How can you possibly say all these things in a Christmas gift? And finding the perfect one? Near impossible. Thank god we've been busy in our Christmas factory to help you create unforgettable memories.
The ones you love are special and completely unique. Give them an experience that is as distinctive as them. This is a gift of unmatched expression, luxury, personality, creativity and adoration. Let's spoil them, making them feel as special and loved as you want them to. In the end they’ll receive a luxury product of meaning that expresses not only their character but your love for them. 
Christmas Gift Guide

'I Love You For A Lifetime.'

The shoemaking process, the experience

Atelier Luxe - Custom shoes, made for you.

Customisation is the ultimate expression of luxury. Together we will create the perfect style that matches your needs, while delivering comfort, durability and class. These shoes will be a reflection of you and forever a part of you.
Custom Shoes

Choose well. Chase the truth.

Handcrafted Shoes and accessories, gift ideas
Products from left to right: suede leather tie, cardholder, suede leather bow tie, shoes: Carlito

Walking through life with you. 


gold Christmas boots

Products from left to right: Handcrafted Damascus knife, cardholder, boots: Carla (gold) 


Atelier Vie - Our Collection

Designed and handcrafted in Sydney. Choose from our beautiful ready-made collection. Leave an imprint of your personality and take them on your journey through life.
Handcrafted sneaker
Products from left to right: shoes: Dragan sneaker, Trinity belt

Products from left to right: cardholder (black), Anaïs belt bag, Thi messenger bag



We are currently offering a range of small leather goods like cardholders, wallets, bags, belts, as well as leather ties and bowties - all with your personalised embossing of course. As everything is handmade, we can bring to life any leather accessory you are after. That's what makes them so special.
Products from left to right: cardholders (gold, tan, jungle green, mulberry), Damascus knife

Love speaks louder than anything.


Products from left to right:

available at Nash+Banks: Mari & Clay sunglasses, Maho incense sticks, Váhy natural perfume, Huskee cup, Rancho Relaxo candle

available at Atelier Stefani: handcrafted Damascus knife in form of a feather, cardholders (tan, gold, jungle green, red)


Gift vouchers

A voucher is a beautiful way of giving someone the experience that money can't buy. With this special gift you are investing in your loved one, yourself and us. In the end they will be walking out with a pair of shoes that are the highest quality, stylish, completely handcrafted and unlike any others ready to take them on their next adventure.
Gift Voucher
Get your gift voucher > here.

Too gentle to live among wolves. 

Gift ideas
Products from left to right: cardholder (tan), candle available at Nash+Banks, shoes: Serpent sneaker

Shoemaking Classes

A 10 day course to create your very own pair of shoes under the guidance of our founder and shoe creator Stefanie. This unforgettable experience is as personal as it can get, educational and inspiring.
Shoemaking Classes Tools for shoemaking classes
Get in touch to book your course.
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