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Trends 2020 & Covid-19

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To you beautiful people across the world:

Here in my home office at Atelier Stefani (aka my bed, see above), I took a little break to reflect on what’s happening and to think about the part we’re playing to make this world a better place. I know from experience that it is tough to stay motivated at times and if you feel like doing nothing for now, that’s absolutely fine and you should allow yourself to drive everything down and relax. For those of you who have passed this stage already, who can’t wait for the world to go around again and who are getting itchy feet to finally do something exciting: Be my guest.

Despite this tough time we are all facing, that makes business as usual impossible, I decided to keep on spreading the beauty of our art, fashion, culture and everything in between as best as I can. I know, everyone is stopping right now, with our current life style being flipped upside down, however with new challenges comes a new call to action to reinvent ourselves and explore new ways to live our lives and express who we are during these vulnerable times. Let’s stay alive!

Atelier Stefani’s core value is to create a unique bespoke experience that stands for meaningfulness, individuality, the love for art and sustainability and this isn’t going to change. But I hope y’all agree that we have to change our ways to let Pacha Mama breathe again.

If anything, COVID-19 only amplifies our urge to fight against fast fashion and a throwaway society instead of stopping us. Let’s say fast fashion is comparable with small talk. Do we not all want to talk about atoms, aliens, sex, magic, intellect, the meaning of life and death, far away galaxies, our flaws, our favourite scents, our childhood, what keeps us up at night, our insecurities and fears..? We like people with depth and real stories, who speak with emotion. We don’t really want to know ‘what’s up’.

So let’s keep our creative mind busy with all the grace, finesse and depth that fashion has to offer. Are you guys ready to join the ultimate experience while you’re sitting comfortably at home? Now is the time, because I think we all haven’t had as much of it up our sleeves since 1998.

Let’s jump on a >> video call, I’ll lead you through the process of measuring your feet and will give you the most personal design consultation on offer. All you need is a measuring tape, a copy of these >> templates and a pen. In doubt, you can read about how to create a footprint >>here.

Then I’ll ask you a few questions to get to know you better, like your favourite music genre, your hobbies, favourite colours, etc. Based on your answers I’ll draft 2-3 designs and we’ll take it from there. Yes, that’s right! You’ll be able to get involved in the creation process. In fact, you are the biggest inspiration for the shoe. Once we agreed on a design, you will need to post your footprint over to me and then I can start making your unique bespoke shoes. If you were in need of a custom size, I’d send you the half finished shoe for a fitting, before I attach the sole to ensure the perfect fit.

The process takes a little while (~6-8 weeks from start to finish), but remember: The time is always now! And one thing is for sure: You’ll be the only person on this planet wearing these shoes. We deliver 100% handcrafted products, with every pair different from the last. Did you say personalisation? Yes, of course you can get your initials or quotes embossed.

I know, I know, Atelier Stefani products are an investment and we are all tight in these uncertain times. However, we are offering

on all products up until end of June 2020 and part payments via Zip as well as Afterpay are available, too.

I desire to inspire our customers to return to Atelier Stefani with a refreshing perspective on bespoke shoes and the story these shoes should tell. Following this upcoming season of Autumn/Winter 2020/21, I will design a range that is the definition of character and individuality, inspired by some of the upcoming trends.

Our research shows that this season is all about the duplexity of nature and the digital world. This opposition is manifested in a colour palette using contrasting hues, from true natural tones to distinctive artificial hues.


Wow! Fashion never ceases to amaze me. It almost feels like the industry had anticipated the situation we are currently facing, the challenges we are going through and the ones we will have to overcome. Now more than ever, it is about the realisation of how important it is to reconnect with our environment and at the same time, the only way to keep in touch with our loved ones and the outside world is on a digital level.



Autumn colours are becoming richer and more saturated; bringing yellow as an essential element in autumnal palettes and combining it with brown and olive green. The naturally derived hues are gaining more recognition as the demand for sustainability arises. These autumnal colors need to be paid very close attention, as they are enhanced neutrals, making them directional, wearable and trans-seasonal for both men and women. How would you use these earthy tones? They can be worn with heavy winter outwear, fine knits, and structured tailoring. Adding golden or buttery yellows giving a slightly retro twist.



Grey and beige tones as new neutrals tap into the revival of minimalism, bringing the comeback to formalwear.



In order to enhance the browns and new neutrals, we will bring in the best form of sophistication with blues. Smokey dark blues bring out the definition of sophisticated making it a statement tone. Accentuating these dark tones with a hazy red undertone, brightens up the leathers, and is perceived as a luxurious tone.



Designs are becoming louder and bolder with metal accessories and hardware all over them, giving life to our inner selves as individuals, but also feeling the urge to reconnect with others.



Boldness also expresses being in the present. The past is history; the future is a mystery and the here and now is a gift. – That’s why it’s called present. Let’s be true to ourselves and to others and express what we stand for by dressing like someone who we really are. This year is all about authenticity.



Did you guys know that artisanal work is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to produce goods? Due to the long hours spent on a single pair (up to 80 hours to be exact), we want our products to be as durable as possible. So we source just the best materials from hand picked factories (mostly in Italy), work with real people and create minimum wastage along the process. And if you think: OMG! Italy = corona! Stop right here, because they are not leading the game anymore and secondly, small businesses and local manufacturers need our support now more than ever. Due to its old tradition in leather tanning we still get the most durable and beautiful hides from Italy. We are against animal cruelty and mass production of leather goods, valuing this natural resource for its longevity, character and comfort, using it the right way to create something unique to last a lifetime.

I, personally, also get inspired by a new generation of authentic brands and the passionate humans behind them, that champion brilliantly designed products with purpose. Think ethical, with an edge; sustainable, with swagger; heart and soul, and a bit of rock ‘n’ roll.

Check some of my favourites out and show them some love:

Once this pandemic is over, let’s make sure we don’t fall back into old patterns, let’s make a change in the right direction, supporting each other to maintain our planet, without sacrificing the little joys of life.

Stay sane and healthy and keep dressing up every day to lift your mood and feel alive, even if you just stay at home.


The CHANGE Collection

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Fashion is an ever-changing industry. Everything is moving. If we move even faster, we call it fast fashion. We hear this term so many times. Fast Fashion. But what does it actually mean?

With a growing population, globalisation and modern technology our society has developed into a direction where simplifying processes is a necessity to meet everybody’s demand. At the same time the amount of supplied goods and the variety to choose from can be overwhelming. Wherever we go, wherever we look we get bombarded by advertising. Every brand wants to stand out, be loud, be eye-catching to battle the crowd and be seen. Especially in the creative industry, where fashion, music and art are based on subjective opinions, we need to move fast to go with people’s ever-changing taste. The outcome is to consume much in a short period of time to then let go and start again. We are a throwaway society. The waste is immense, the quality is poor, and at times the love for creation can be overlooked.

However, there is a movement happening. A revolution in the fashion industry where we are taking a step back, going away from mass production and heading in a more positive direction led by the ones that think forward.

Nowadays it is a luxury to choose well and wisely, make and create things that last, go against our obsession with speed, reconnect with our values and reduce consumption.

Luxury goods add value to our lives – from a subjective perspective. People have always liked to reward themselves with a luxury holiday, an expensive piece of jewellery or a new sports car, recognising the hard work or well-deserved breaks we all need. However luxury is now so much more than what we see on the surface. Buying from local manufacturers that guarantee a safe environment for their employees, a fair wage and attention to the basic conditions that all workers experience is now at the forefront. We are at an age where we don’t just look at what we are consuming, but how did these products get created and end up at our fingertips.

When I started making shoes, I became obsessed with the thought of creating something that makes a difference against all odds. Pursuing the craft is one side; making art that inspires and expresses the individual values that we all share is the other side.

CHANGE by Atelier Stefani stands for the movement back to tradition with a modern twist, for the counteract of fast fashion and the idea of making this cover of the body your own in any way you want.

We believers are for a positive change that can happen. Time to start thinking differently, it is time to demand better. We want fashion to become a force for good. We believe in fashion that values people, the environment and creativity. It is time to shift our perceptions and shine a light on our unique personalities and cherish the individuals we are.

It is a loud, crowded, crazy world. Change happens by watching your own thoughts.


124 x Atelier Stefani – SEASON LAUNCH

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Atelier Stefani is thrilled to announce a new partnership with 124.

These two Australian founded luxury brands embody a synergy of traditional craftsmanship and authentic style, striving to offer the perfect combination of uniqueness and character.

The Galeries interviewed Stefanie Schoeninger, artisan and shoemaker behind Atelier Stefani to find out what inspires her everyday.

>> Read the interview <<


To celebrate this collaboration we will hold the 124 x Atelier Stefani Launch Party on Thursday 27th June, 6.30pm in store at 124 – showcasing the new season collection ‘Change’. 

Where: 124 The Galeries, 500 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

Orders on the night will receive a complimentary custom fitting and 20% off all Atelier Stefani Shoes​.

To RSVP for this event please send an email to or .

A Letter From Our Founder

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my name is Stefanie and I’m the founder of Atelier Stefani. Why I started this business? Well, where do I begin?

Fashion for me has always been something more meaningful than just a superficial cover of the human body. It reflects emotions, personality, character and an overall statement of your inner self.

What you see is what you feel. Shoes are indicators of our gender, identity and taste. They are commodities and aesthetic artefacts at the same time. Feet are made for walking, shoes may not be.

Design, art, craft, fashion, sex and power – Shoes have transformed into much more than just a practical necessity. Sitting between function and fashion, they express social values, power and passion. Shoes are pushed into the realm of art and sculpture. Sometimes so far removed from functionality, design can become more important than the comfort they bring. The glamour and desirability of such provocative creations tells us about the complex and enduring link between suffering, sex and style.

A few months ago I travelled to Milan, Italy, to visit little family owned shoemaking factories, meeting up with suppliers while getting inspired by the fashion metropolis. Italy is the birthplace of the shoemaking industry, leather tanneries and it is the embodiment of elegance and style. Milan sets designers’ standards for perfection. There are so many different associations I have in mind when it comes to Italy: luxury, quality, fashion, la Cosa Nostra, good wine and delicious food – La Dolce Vita.

Wandering through the city, I discovered old traditional shoemakers’ workshops and little design stores that transmitted the feeling of a different time in history. I think fashion, just
like any other form of art, can take you to certain places by stimulating your senses. Music, for example, is a huge inspiration for me and looking at the big picture I can find many parallels to my craft.

Shoemaking is the art to combine the beauty of the design with the comfort we need to live our busy lifestyle. It is the exact balance of the melody and the lyrics. Shoes set the rhythm of your steps, making your inner music flow through your body. It’s the creative tension between structure and spontaneity.

So, as I walked through the streets of Milan, those little unique studios and shops reminded me of something so essential. There was a time, long before mass production became a thing, when artisans and craftsmen were making something for the individual. They didn’t follow any trends; the client and their original were the center of their creation – for a reason.

the birthplace of luxury shoes

Old shoe lasts in the courtyard of an Italian factory

Work place for handstitching in a traditional shoe factory

Everyone is different with different needs – not only if it comes to design, personality and self-expression. The foot is a complex part of our body that needs to be taken care of. I always say: ‘Be good to your feet; they carry you through life.’ And this is exactly what we must take into consideration – each by their own, because our nature doesn’t know any standards. For a whole lifetime there is so much pressure and weight on our feet. We
should look after them, listen to our body and give it what it asks for. I feel like our modern society has taken that spark of originality away from us by standardising processes, fit, design and eventually us. We drift away from something that used to be so
important and useful to who we are as individuals with an expressive nature unique to us all.

When I started making shoes I went through different stages of my personal opinion. First it was the craft itself that was most important to me. However, what makes it challenging and exciting is the ever-changing design that we bring to life on people’s feet.

I asked myself: ‘What do I stand for? Does the pleasure an object of art can bring into our lives, weigh more than the sacrifice of comfort we take into account by wearing it? I mean, how many times have we seen ladies (and nowadays also more and more gentlemen) compromise on comfort just to squeeze into their favourite pair of shoes? How many times have we seen shoes built for comfort, but lack the design and uniqueness that we are looking for?

My conclusion was: I don’t want to choose between comfort and design. I want to master the rules of shoemaking to then break them to create something unique and personal. I aim to make shoes of integrity for people of character; shoes that tell a story and help give you a sense of joy, but also confidence and authenticity.

It is again comparable with music, like Charlie Parker liked to say: ’Master your instrument, master the music and then forget all about it and just play.’

Atelier Stefani is like an old symphony, remastered by our contemporising musicians. It has one foot in the past, following traditional rules of the craft, while also smoothly and gracefully stepping forward into the future.

I strive for ‘the rebirth of the cool’, for exploring the world and also evolving in my own character. I want to be true to myself and to you, do what I love doing and bring that little something to the world, that makes life a bit more enjoyable.